Milling-LogWagner Lumber runs a state of the art sawmill in Owego, NY.

The "mill" is actually two sawmills under one roof.

All logs enter the front of the mill together and are pressure washed on both ends and any excessive butt flare or knots are trimmed off. They then proceed through a Rosser head Debarker where all bark is taken off and a special "reducer" head can make the butt flare ends cylindrical.

Before arriving at one of the headrigs, all logs pass through a metal detector. If metal is detected, the log is taken off the line and sent to an area where the metal is removed. Clean round logs arrive at one of the two headrigs.

Mill #1, our oldest and first rig installed in 1979, is still a circular saw.

Mill #2
is a double cut band headrig installed in 1995. Both headrigs use the same carriages and scanning systems.


Once logs are loaded onto one of the carriages (machines which hold the logs and transport them past the saw), special lasers are used to project approximately a 120° arc of light onto the logs at 1-foot intervals. Light is reflected back and received and analyzed by a computer.

Using this data, the computer can predict the shape of the log and position the log so that a board of a specified width and length will be cut. Logs in both mills are analyzed and cut the same.

Mill 2 being a double cut (takes a board going backwards as well as forward) cuts the log down to a finished pallet board. Mill 1 only makes a round log square and then sends the "cant" to a band resaw. This machine has a very small saw kerf and efficiently takes boards from the 4 sides until just a pallet board is left.

All lumber from both mills comes back together and is singulated before passing through a trimmer which cuts both ends of the board square.


At this point the lumber is graded by National Hardwood Grading Rules, sorted by length, thickness, and grade. Loads are assembled which go out immediately (green loads) or are sent to our dry kiln facility. Here lumber is put on stickers allowing air to flow between the layers of lumber.

White woods (maples, ash) which are very color sensitive are quickly put into dry kilns to control their environment and brought down the moisture % desired by our customers.

After being taken out of the dry kilns, lumber is packaged and stored. Wagner maintains a large dry inventory, especially of heavy stock 6/4 through 16/4, so we can fill orders - both domestic and overseas.


Saw Mill Locations

Wagner Millwork, LLC.

owego4060 Gaskill Road

Owego, NY 13827


Wagner Hardwoods

cayuta6307 State Route 224

Cayuta, NY 14824


Wagner - Nineveh

nineva224 County RD 26

Nineveh, NY 13813


Greene Lumber Co

greene16991 New York 23

Davenport, NY 13750


Baillie - Smyrna - (Partner Mill)

smyrna-thumb6 School Street

Smyrna, NY 13464


Baillie - Boonville - (Partner Mill)

boonville-thumb189 West St

Boonville, NY 13309


Potter Lumber Co. - (Partner Mill)

potter3786 Potter Rd

Allegany, NY 14706