Log Purchasing

Wagner is one of the largest consumers of hardwood logs in the Northeastern U.S., utilizing 90 MMBF of logs annually. A large portion of these are purchased directly from independent loggers who are working with landowners throughout New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.IMG 2905 Medium

We purchase logs on the landing or delivered to one of our four operating log yards. We purchase logs on the Scribner log rule, hooking one bark.

To contact our Muncy, PA Log Yard call Nick Wax: 607-221-0701

To contact our Gouldsboro, PA Log Yard call Matt Laudermilch: 717-821-4027

To contact our Belmont, NY Log Yard call Todd Krzeminski: 585-648-2728

Click here for a list of our log buyers so that you can call the one closest to you. If you are not sure who to contact, call our main office in Owego, New York at 607-687-5362.


Log Trucking

IMG 2959Our fleet of 29 Tractors, 36 Picker Trucks, 41 flatbed trailers, 5 soft side covered trailers, 5 walking floor trailers, 26 Log wagons, 2 tri axle pup trailers, and the 2 Low-Boys allow The Wagner Companies to provide trucking to all of New York,  from the Hudson River Valley to Buffalo and North to Watertown and South to Northeast Pennsylvania. 

Wagner offers competitive trucking rates based on distance and load weight.  For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 607-687-5362.