Owego Sawmill

The Owego facility is located on 35 acres of land in the valley of some of the richest timber ground in the state. Landing logs, gatewood, and standing timber are purchased year-round.

Each log processed at the facility enters into an extensive process overseen by some of the most experienced people in the industry.


Log Preparation

  • Pressure washing to remove excess dirt
  • Removal of excessive butt flare, hinged wood, or knots are removed with an HMC Rosser
  • Debarking with a Nicholson A6 Ring Debarker
  • Scanning for metal via an MDI metal detector.



The Owego sawmill benefits from a two headrig system.

Headrig #1

The logs judged to yield the highest percentage of defect free lumber are directed to the #1 Headrig to begin primary breakdown using an “outside in“ solution. This innovative machine center makes the round log square, forming a cant that is sent to a vertical resaw.


Headrig #2

Logs judged to yield a lower percentage of defect free lumber are directed to the #2 Headrig where they are processed, primarily by using an “inside out” solution. This headrig is primarily used to produce pallet cants, cross ties or general grade lumber.

Both head rigs use a Lewis 3D scanning system designed to help maximize the log position and slab cutting decisions.




This facility utilizes the power of two resaws, (one vertical / one horizontal) to maximize through put and quality based on products being produced.


Automated Edger & End Trimming

To produce lumber with clean square ends, the Owego mill uses a combination of a PHL automated edger with a Lewis Controls optimizer and a PLC that controls a PHL end trimmer which cross cuts the boards to the desired length.

All lumber is graded by National Hardwood Grading Rules, sorted by length, thickness, and grade.


Our competitive differentiation is our people who see each board through the process and work hard to supply our customers with the best quality hardwood lumber products in the industry.

4060 Gaskill Rd.
Owego, NY 13827